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Of all my novels, "Flesh and the Devil" is my favorite.But "The Sexy Part of the Bible" is my best...and it's farand away my biggest seller ever. ---KOLA BOOF
Virgins In the Beehive
Writing is such an emotional process for me...because I don't write safe, pretty, easy novels.  Instead of characters I start with an idea I want to explore. The book always has to be socio-political but entertaining. I'm famous for telling students that 'you should always be getting to the good part'--I can't stand being bored.  There is a belligerent tenacity to my works.  I usually write very late at night, I get nose bleeds writing and it's just...very intense and hard on me.
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Kola, you say that Johnny Temple at Akashic Books took a big risk picking up  your mega-acclaimed novel "The Sexy Part of the Bible" because you had become something of a fixture in the tabloids as well as an industry pariah...
Johnny Temple is the fairest most sensitive, most intelligent person in publishing right now. He only cares about your work--nothing else--your work.
Can you write a compelling and socially relevant book? That's the only thing Johnny gives a fuck about.  He doesn't want to know you personally or get into your glamorous scandals or what people think of you.
I'm a helluva writer but I don't come from Academia or the usual channels that
literary writers come it took someone like Johnny Temple, a former
rock star, to notice the depth to which I'm capable of writing and to understand that TODAY's landscape requires TODAY's artists. The old ways are being replaced by everything that people said can't exist, can't succeed.  It's a new day and Johnny is one of the few people who realizes that the rules have changed.

With "The Sexy Part of the Bible" I got lucky because I feel that by publishing it, Johnny saved my career. The book forced people to consider another side of me and to finally acknowledge that I have a brain and that I'm an artist with something to say.  I also have to give credit to my editor Ibrahim Ahmad who is equally generous and terrific. I'm lucky to have worked with them and I think
quality-wise it's the best thing I've ever written.                                                                                                                                                

In fact, turning in my next novel
"SHE WIPED IT ON THE WALL" was so drawn out and difficult because I really needed to write a strong polemic just to follow up "Sexy Part." And I think I achieved that.  Boof's novel "She Wiped It on the Wall" will be released after "I Am My Own Daughter" tentalively scheduled for

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Sexy Part of the Bible
Sexy Part of the Bible

Publisher: Kola Boof
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Feminists need dick, half memoir, half sex manual.  It's a collection of essays I'm writing to challenge this notion that we Womanists/Feminists hate men or that we're all angry and bitter.
I happen to love men and love sex...but I also have a brain and lots of opinions and men need to understand that women being more whole doesn't mean we don't need men. I NEED MEN.  It's just that "for what" has changed. But I definitely need men.

I had an offer from a publisher to put this book out in a traditional way. But I really want to say in the book what I want to I decided to self-publish it my way as an e-book. It should be on KINDLE by November 2013.  And then about 6 months after that, "
SHE WIPED IT ON THE WALL" will hopefully be coming out.  That's my game plan.
Flesh and the Devil
Original Publish: Door of KushPublisher: Atlantic Library
Literary Fiction
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Of all my novels...not my non-fiction but just my novels...I would say that "Flesh and the Devil" is my personal favorite. And it's mostly for emotional reasons. All that I went through to write it and the know, as an African adopted and raised by Black Americans...I wanted to write a love letter to Black American people. So this story of the slave trade and the inherent humanity in Black people...not to mention the love story at the book's know, Shane and RooAmber's 26,000 years of finding and losing each's just..."Flesh and the Devil" is my favorite of the fiction books I've written.
Diary of a Lost Girl by Kola Boof
Diary of a Lost Girl by Kola Boof
WOW...."Diary of a Lost Girl" my all-time bestselling book.

If you count only fiction sales, then "The Sexy Part of the Bible" is my #1. But if you count all sales across the board..."Diary of a Lost Girl," my autobiography, my life's my most successful book.

It was also my most painful and difficult book to write.  It's not easy to write the truth about expose yourself.  And I did that with DIARY.  I had serious nose bleeds, wow. I mean, it truly almost killed me writing that book. And what can I say? I'm very proud of it and more than that...I'm so grateful that the book came to mean so much to so many Black women.  I wrote it to them, because I knew they'd be the only ones who believed me, understood me and truly cared.
DIARY OF A LOST GIRL                  Published by Door of Kush, North African Book Exchange,SeaBurn NY, Gonzo Publishing (Russia) and Atlantic Library
Oh wow...what memories. That book means so much to me.  I hate to put it this way...but "Long Train to the Redeeming Sin" was the first book I wrote that WHITE critics began praising me.  It was the first book by me to be studied in colleges. To this day, I get only positive and very passionate reactions that book.  Women of course just love it. It's really the book that brought in my voice and my pitch.  I'm very proud of that 'Long Train' and I don't think it ever got the attention or the praise it deserved. It's a very strong story collection.
In America they renamed it "NILE RIVER WOMAN"...but the original title in Africa and Europe had been "Every Little Bit Hurts.""Nile River Woman" is certainly my angriest book. It's my most personal work other than my autobiography.  I've changed a lot, but I still think those poems tell so much about who I am.I have another poetry collection coming out entitled "MOTHER GODDAMN: African Girl Poems"...but not until 2015.
Virgins In the Beehive
Virgins In the Beehive
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