The human race started in Africa...coming from these Magicalwomen who were SO look at could see the whole world being made.

That kind of authenticity. That kind of clarity.

In America and the U.K...the Blacks have forgotten all about our
"real mother"...the authentic Black woman.

And in my opinion, losing her (not allowing her to exist among
us) what has decimated our integrity and the world's respect
for us. No one can respect a nigger and that is what many Black cultures around the world have become by getting further and further away from our race's true face...our unique authenticity.

Most Black people hate me for saying it...but Black people can go straight to hell.  I've lost so much respect for our people. I see a lot of them for what they've truly become...white trash.

I was born Sunni Muslim...then adopted and raised by Black Americans to be Christian. I truly love my Black American parents. But I have denounced both Islam and Christianity now that I'm a grown woman.  I started my own religion....The Womb.
I found Christianity and especially Islam
to be horrible religions--sexist, racist and
White supremacist. Integral components
of African psychological enslavement.

I also had my doubts about a "God" in the way that Christians & Muslims depict God...they seem to tell of a MALE who is very insecure, wrathful and ego driven.I don't buy that camel shit.

I wanted a spiritual experience that honors me...that affirms me...and that respects my intelligence.  So I created "THE WOMB."What exactly is The Womb. Well it's mostly about healing, chanting and loving life.  I don't believe in sin (I believe we make mistakes)...I don't believe in hell, I don't like being called a "Strong Black Woman" (I am the LIVING WOMAN, not a strong black woman)...I live my life.

I am not sure of God in the way that mankind have depicted that energy force...but I do believe that healing and love are what our existense is about. I am famous for saying: "The meaning of life is that your deeds outlive you." And that is what I believe.

This is the religion of KOLA BOOF. And because so many women constantly ask me about my beliefs and want me to go deeper with my next novel "
SHE WIPED IT ON THE WALL"...I explore in great detail the mechanics of my religion and why I felt I needed that for me and my sons. 
SHE WIPED IT ON THE WALL" tells the story of a Black American woman (Real Roxanne) who travels to Sudan to save a young biracial Dinka girl accused of witchcraft (Sholoongo) from being publicly stoned.There in modern Sudan--Real Roxanne encounters this ancient Womanist religion--The Womb.  And from it a
plethora of agonies, dramas and spiritual riches.  It's one of the most intellectually erotic literary novels you will ever read....truly a tale of Black American women and African women coming together to restore so much harmony that's been lost not just for Black women...but for the world and all humankind....and hopefully you'll understand much more clearly about my religion once you've read the book.

Until it comes out in 2014...
tima usrah (through fire comes the family).

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Child I dreamt you
(blood of African hearts)
...such a smart little girl: laughing flying angling swimming running
jumping looking watching /remembering
wombs...sweet cake of God

         The child I wanted.
Little girl I wanted.

Naked at the Feast
Her Window
Sexy Part of the Bible & BOOKS
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