Kola cooking dinner
Kola making dinner
Kola doing seafood feast!
Kola cooking dinner
Next to writing and sex.....cooking is my favorite personal thing to do.  It used to be my dream to have my own cooking show.  But now, I just dream of someday doing a cook book.  Contractually, I'm so busy that I don't know when I'll be able to do that. So for now I post recipes and will be posting more pics of myself cooking.
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Macaroni and cheese!
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African Rice
Rain Water for Cooking!
White Marble Salad!
Yam & Shrimp Stew
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Kiddie Roast!
nuDuno Lamb Soup
Brined holiday turkey!
Arab Sweet Potatoes
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Creamy Mary recipe!
Joan Crawford's Classic Meatloaf
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Clam & Seafood Pasta
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Wikipedia--Kola Boof
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