Time for a little summer fling with ghastly love & mad monsters?
Yes! So go ahead and pre-order EXOTIC GOTHIC 5 today. Volume I (with locations of Europe & North America) and Volume II (set in Latin America, Asia, Africa, & Australia) release this June with original dark fictions from Gothic writers of 11 nations. There are no plans for continuing the Series, and collectors may buy out this limited edition. Do order soon if you are tempted.
http://www.pspublishing.co.uk/exotic-gothic-5--volume-1-edited-by-danel-olson-1765-p.asp and ... http://www.pspublishing.co.uk/exotic-gothic-5--volume-2-edited-by-danel-olson-1766-p.asp
Uncover now from long-time Princeton native Joyce Carol Oates a cruel kingdom set just outside that university town where checkers are played for human heads ("A Game of Draughts")...
Be Hereby Advised
from writers with legal degrees -- Simon Clark, D.E. Cowen and Theodora Goss -- of uninvestigated crimes and delayed confessions from mansion ("L'Amour est Mort") to university ("Goth Thing") to a place where roses always bloom ("Elena's Egg")...
at real-life surgeon Dr. John L. Probert's account of the words once spoken that will make people attack themselves ("The Secondary Host")...
from Sudanese-born writer Kola Boof, who once had an unwanted sexual relationship with Osama bin-Laden, what it takes for a beautiful woman to resist against all who dominate her ("The Sweet Virgin Meat")...
Table of Contents
Vol. I
                                               • Deborah Biancotti - "All the Lost Ones" • Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud (Trans. Edward Gauvin) - "The Open Mirror"• Simon Clark - "L'Amour est Mort"• Theodora Goss - "Elena's Egg"• Anna Taborska - "The Girl in the Blue Coat"• Nick Antosca - "Burial Grounds"• Nancy A. Collins - "Moonrise on Hermit Beach"• D. E. Cowen & Danel Olson - "Goth Thing"• Camille DeAngelis - "The Coroner's Bride"• Sheri Holman - "The Starvation Experiment"• Joyce Carol Oates - "A Game of Draughts"• Stephen Susco - "Foodface"• Gemini Wahhaj - "The Girl Next Door"                                                                         

Vol. II• Terry Dowling - "The Sleepover" • Kola Boof - "The Sweet Virgin Meat"• Lily Herne - "XYZ" • John Llewellyn Probert - "The Secondary Host" • Berumen &Coyote - "El Nahual" • Carlos Hernandez - "More Than Pigs and Rosaries Can Give" • Thana Niveau - "Xibalba" • Anil Menon - "Haveli" • Charu Nivedita - "Diabolically Yours"• Deborah Noyes - "Juicing the Knife" • Reggie Oliver - "He Who Beheld the Darkness"• Paul Park - "The Statue in the Garden" • Lucy Taylor - "Djinn's Blood"